Our Special Request

Dear friends,
Greetings from NATA Banke, Nepalgunj !!!

Our special request:

Nepal Anti-Tuberculosis Association (NATA) is a non-governmental, non-profit making voluntary organization. It is the second oldest social organization of Nepal. It was established in Kathmandu in 1953 and began working in mid western region in 1982, it started a free weekly TB clinic Bheri Zonal Hospital in 1986 and 3 years later this became a daily clinic, in 1996 NATA. From the beginning, Nepal Anti-Tuberculosis Association (NATA) to raising public awareness against Tuberculosis (TB) and adopting preventive and curative measures towards the control of the diseases.

NATA, Banke is the branch of this organization. Mrs. Ram Pyari Kurmi, illustrate member of NATA donated land of two Kattha the NATA Banke. Then we boilt DPC level from own resource and DDC, Banke  After that INF and other personal donors gave support, we completed house of 5 rooms. Now it has own office and building, physical assets and laboratory.

This organization providing free service to the poor and very back warded patients regular, who are suspected tuberculosis. As well as providing medicines regular through DOTís system. We have two staffs now, they are doing like volunteer service. We have not any regular income sources to give salary to our staffs.

Therefore we would like to special request to all donor agencies, personal; donors, personalities for financial support to our poor community. It would be very great that if possible thing about this human welfare service. You can find the activities through www.natanepal.org.np

If any questions and interested to support please feel free to ask us.

With Regards,
Purna Lal Chuke
President, NATA Banke

Tel. No.: 00977-81-522181,
Mobile No.: 00977-9858020329 (President), 00977-9848025443 (Vice President), 00977-9848028167 (Program coordinator)
Email: natabanke@gmail.com, purnachuke@gmail.com
Please visit our Website: www.natanepal.org.np

Special Request

T.B. Symptoms

  • Fever, chills, and night sweats.
  • A cough with thick, cloudy, and sometimes bloody mucus from the lungs (sputum) for more than 2 weeks.
  • Fatigue and weakness.
  • Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss.
  • Shortness of breath and chest pain.
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Precaution Tips

  • Avoid getting active TB
  • Prevent latent TB from becoming active
  • A TB vaccine (bacille Calmette-Guerin, or BCG) is used in many countries to prevent TB
  • Prevent inject illegal drugs.
  • Do not spend long periods of time in stuffy, enclosed rooms with anyone who has active TB until that person has been treated for at least 2 weeks.
  • Use protective measures, such as face masks, if you work in a facility that cares for people who have untreated TB.
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